Sugarbaby GoGo Pattaya bar on the famous Walking Street Pattaya is a great bar to meet sexy Thai ladies of your dreams. Our Philosophy Is simple, we run a great club and like to have fun.
We accept company charge cards & offer cash advances, to make things a little easier for you.

Since Dec, 25th 2012, we have consistently been one of the top Ago-go bars in Pattaya city. Our bar is 100% English owned and run by westerners, so if you have a problem with a GoGo girl, member of staff or a bill, let us know. We have an English manager and Japanese manager.

We pride ourselves in having some of the sexiest Go Go dancers in the whole of Thailand working for us. Our Go Go girls are selected for their good looks and ability to interact with the customers. In fact, our GoGo girls take interaction to a new level.

News of this location
Sugarbaby Ago-go
I wait for you
Sugarbaby Ago-go
I want we be together
Sugarbaby Ago-go
Don't Worry - Windmill will return to it's old home
in a few weeks.
Annabelle's is our new sister club
with all the pleasure of Windmill.
Sugarbaby Ago-go
Windmill is moving - Today July 24
All Windmill Club Staff you know
and love are now at Annabelle's Agogo.
Walking Street next to SugarBaby
Sugarbaby Ago-go
Will you love me?
Sugarbaby Ago-go
If you have the energy, they will
Sugarbaby Ago-go
I show you later
Sugarbaby Ago-go
Come see me do show
Sugarbaby Ago-go
Do you like me?
Sugarbaby Ago-go
I not shy - I ready for you
Sugarbaby Ago-go
Pull me close
Sugarbaby Ago-go
You and me relax?
Sugarbaby Ago-go
Ready, Aim, Fire
Sugarbaby Ago-go
Me looking for good man
Sugarbaby Ago-go
You want some?

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Address 1Walking Street
Zip/Postal Code20260